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charmed_charmy's Journal

A Rika Ishikawa Fan Community
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This is a fan community dedicated to the lovely and talented Rika Ishikawa~! It seemed so many other fan sites for the girls of Morning Musume were popping up that it was about time to make one for Rikacchi! So here it is~ Charmed Charmy! Please feel free to join! Anything about Charmy and her career with Morning Musume or her upcoming solo career are fair game! That includes images, mp3s, video files, wallpapers and anything else that the members want to submit! Let's also offer as much support as possible! You can purchase CDs, DVDs, and other merchandise at places like http://www.yesasia.com and http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/!

=As stated above, any posts related to Charmy are fair game!
=You may post as often as you like.
=NO flaming. Please respect other members of this community!
=What we do not want here is off topic material, however feel free to plug your community here AS LONG AS it is pertaining to Morning Musume or Hello! Project. If you have a comminuty about how much you love Chinese fried tofu, that's great, but please find somewhere else to promote it.
=Most importantly, have fun!! Look forward to sharing love of Charmy and Morning Musume with you all!

This community is moderated by kankitsurui. Feel free to contact her with any questions, comments, or suggestions!



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