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Hi!~^^ [22 Nov 2006|11:51am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi everyone!~

I just joined today and have to say I am so happy to see a community just dedicted to Rika-chan! <3 She is definitely one of H!P's gems and one of my personal favourites, of course^^

Can't wait until her new photobook "Oui, Mon Amour" is released on 12/18!

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[25 Mar 2005|01:25pm]

Hello~! This is my first post here, although I've been here a while. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love Rika Ishikawa! She's so pretty, and has such a good voice.

Uhm, yeah...

Oh yeah! I have a "new" community dedicated to H!P and jpop. I really want it to succeed, so if you could maybe go there and see if you like it, that'd be great! Thanks. <3

It's : suki_yume.

That would be really great, please. :3 Thankyuu!!
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new community! again! [24 Feb 2005|05:27pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Yet again! but this time its a bit different, its a Hello! Pro rating community, not to be raining on morning_beauty and hellopro_rating's parade, this is a rating community for groups! *beams* i hope we can get lots of members! i am in the process of making the stamps now ^-^

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Hello! :D [19 Feb 2005|01:22am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello, I made a community for people that love Yuko Nakazawa! I'm probably gonna ask someone else if they can mod it for me since I'm a busy college student and I don't have time to update anything, but email me to let me know if you are interested! I already did the user info! :)


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[17 Feb 2005|03:33pm]
For those who haven't seen Ayaka's Surprise English lessons, this is one of the cutest! Rika learns a fun english phrase! I'll be uploading these frequently, because well, they are adorable. It's subtitled for the non-Japanese speaker's convenience!


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[15 Feb 2005|05:38pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Rika is absolutely lovely and I'm happy to be a part of this community ♥
I guess I should tell you a little about myself..
My name is Heather and I'm 18 (19 in almost..2 months!!) from the United States. I have the most perfect man named Ryan in my life and I'm known as the Preppy (*avoids thrown things*), Glam "Geek" lol..I'm very diverse and open minded, in other words. I wear AE and A&F but I also watch anime like nobodies business and..of course..am obsessed with J-Pop..
I really hope I can contribute a lot to this community as the time goes on..right now I'm in the town library so..I can't really make a graphic here or anything (though I wish I could..)
Until Later!
♥ Heather

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[15 Feb 2005|11:41am]
As the first post, I'd like to welcome everyone to the community! Thanks for joining, and I hope we all get to spread the mad Rika lovin'!

Alright, to get this thing started I have a small gift to you guys!


Here is a really cute file of Rika getting whacked over the head by Mari weilding a large piece of posterboard. Enjoy! =D
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